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Spain Visa Application Process 2021

There are a couple of strategies you may need to finish prior to coming to Spain. One of these strategies is getting a visa.

A Spain visa is an approval to enter Spain and stay there for a specific measure of days. It is ordinarily as a sticker, appended to one’s identification. The sort of visa you apply for characterizes the exercises you can perform while in Spain.

To get a Spain visa you should meet a few measures, total a couple of systems and most likely compensation an expense.

As indicated by the length of your stay in Spain, there are two primary Spanish visa types:

Spain short-stay visas. Otherwise called a Schengen visa, this is a visa for remaining in Spain for a time of as long as 90 days inside a half year. This visa doesn’t allow you to work.

Spain long-stay visas. For remaining in Spain for a time of longer than a quarter of a year. Contingent upon the long-stay visa type you apply for, you may likewise be approved to work in Spain.

What Is a Spain Schengen Visa?

The Spain Schengen Visa is a momentary visa for Spain that gives the privilege to its visa holder to enter Spain, and stay there for a limit of 90 days inside a multi day time frame.

As per the reason for going to Spain, you may apply for one of the accompanying principle Spanish short-stay visas:

Spain Transit Visa. This visa empowers you to travel through Spain to come to your non-Schengen objective nation. There are two kinds of Spain Transit Visas:

Air terminal Transit. You can apply for this visa on the off chance that you have to travel through an air terminal in Spain to change a trip to arrive at your objective.

Sailors Transit. You ought to apply for this visa on the off chance that you are a sailor and you have to land at a Spanish port, to take a vessel to a non-Schengen nation.

Spain Tourist Visa. Apply for a Spanish traveler visa, on the off chance that you are wanting to go to Spain for the travel industry, touring, get-away, and other comparative purposes.

Spain Visitor Visa. Apply for this visa in the event that you are making a trip to Spain under the sole motivation behind seeing relatives or companions living in Spain.

Spain Business Visa. In the event that you have to make a trip to Spain to go to business-related exercises, you ought to apply for a Spain business visa.

Spain Medical Treatment Visa. A visa for candidates who wish to get clinical consideration in Spain.

Spain EEA/EU Dependent Visa. In the event that you are a needy (life partner or kid under 18) of a public of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland you ought to apply for this visa.

Spain Visa for Missing Residence Permit. In the event that you have lost your Spanish Residence Permit while outside the nation, you will apply for this visa to have the option to return.

Spain Study or Training Visa. On the off chance that you have been admitted to a preparation or an investigation course that endures under 3 months in Spain, you ought to apply for a Spain Study or Training Visa.

Spain Visa for Diplomatic Passport Holders. In the event that you hold a discretionary identification gave by your nation you can apply for this visa.

How to Get a Schengen Visa for Spain?

In the event that you need a visa to Spain, you ought to apply for one. Applying for a Spain visa, short-remain or long-stay is definitely not a hard activity, however it might sound so. You simply need to follow a few methods bit by bit and make an effort not to commit any errors.

To apply for a Spain visa follow the means given beneath:

  • Check on the off chance that you have to apply for a Spain Schengen Visa.
  • Realize when is the ideal chance to apply!
  • Sort out what kind of Spain visa you need.
  • Discover where you should stop your application.
  • Fill in the correct visa application structure.
  • Gather the necessary archives.
  • Make a visa arrangement.

On the date of your arrangement:

  • Go to the visa meet.
  • Present your biometrics.
  • Pay the visa expense.

After you complete every one of these means, you will hang tight for the handling of your visa. You will get a solution to your application, when the preparing is finished.

Do I Need to Apply for a Schengen Visa to Spain?

On the off chance that you are uncertain if you need a visa, at that point this is the principal thing you have to check. The principle factor that characterizes if you need a visa, is the motivation behind remain and the planned time of remain.

On the off chance that you are going through Spain, on the way to get to a non-Schengen nation, you should check the rundown of the nationals of the 25 nations that need a Spain travel visa.

In the event that you heading out to Spain for a transient remain for non-business reasons and you are a public of the 62 nations under the Schengen visa system, you don’t have to apply for a Spain short-stay visa.

When to Apply for a Spain Visa?

As Spain is a part nation of the Schengen zone, it applies the Schengen visa rules to voyagers looking to enter its region. Along these lines, while applying for a Spain visa, ensure you present your application inside the given time span:

The soonest: a half year before the date of your arranged takeoff to Spain.

The most recent: fourteen days before the expected date of movement to Spain:

Suggested: in any event three weeks preceding your excursion, so you can dodge any conceivable postponement by the government office.

Where to Apply for a Spain Visa?

Spain has an extremely exacting arrangement of visa accommodation and preparing. Thus, visa accommodation is controlled by Spain in each world nation. Subsequently, contingent upon the nation you live in, you may need to present your visa application at the:

Spanish department.

A Visa application focus like TLS Contact, VFS Global or BLS International, to which Spain has redistributed visa accommodation in your nation of home.

Fill-in the Spain Schengen visa application structure

Complete the application structure for a Schengen visa. Note that the Schengen visa application structure varies from the structure utilized for a National visa. Try not to befuddle them.

Ensure you complete the correct structure. Answer to all obligatory inquiries with right and clear data. Ensure you sign the structure toward the end after you print it.

Make a visa arrangement

There are three different ways to make a visa arrangement for a Spain visa:

  • Through a call
  • On the web
  • Face to face

Everything relies upon how the Spanish specialists have directed this technique in your nation of habitation. You should check with them for more data in such manner.

Gather the archives

A significant portion of your application cycle for a Spain visa is gathering the necessary records. There are two sorts of required records for each Spain visa applications.

The standard required records for a Spain visa, which are needed for each visa type.

The Spain visa explicit necessities, which are required relying upon the visa type you are applying for.

You can get a full rundown of the necessary records for a Spain visa here.

Go to the meeting

The meeting for a Spain visa is a significant piece of your visa application. All candidates, regardless of what their motivation of the excursion to Spain is, ought to go to a visa meet with a consular official.

The meeting ought to be planned for advance, as the Spanish specialists don’t acknowledge stroll in applications. Upon the arrival of your arrangement, you will meet a consular official, to whom you have to present the application record that comprises of your archives.

The person will ask you a couple of inquiries identified with your application for a visa, and your experience. On the off chance that you haven’t been to the Schengen domain over the most recent five years, you should give your biometric data – your facial picture and fingerprints.

Pay the expenses

You should pay a specific Spain visa charge for the preparing of your Schengen application by the Spanish specialists. As indicated by your age, the expense for a Spain Schengen visa is as per the following:

Grown-up candidates need to pay €80

Candidates from 6 to 12 years of age need to pay €40

Candidates younger than 6 are absolved from paying any handling expense

What’s more, the nationals of a couple of nations, and some different classes relying upon the motivation behind application are absolved from paying the charge by any stretch of the imagination.

After you complete every one of these means, you should sit tight for the preparing of your visa.

How Long Can I Stay in Spain with a Schengen Visa?

The longest you can remain is 90 days inside a large portion of a year. Note that the office of Spain chooses how long you ought to be allowed to remain in Spain and the entire Schengen domain. They may give you the visa with a maximal or negligible legitimacy; it is all up to them.

At the point when you get the visa, check the visa sticker for the accompanying data:

Span of remain: The quantity of days you can stay in Spain and the Schengen region together.

Legitimate from – substantial to: the day the visa gets substantial and the day it lapses. You should utilize the quantity of length of remain inside these dates.

Imagine a scenario in which I Want to Visit Spain for Longer Than 90 Days.

In the event that you need to go to Spain to With a long-stay visa you can make a trip to the nation and stay there for a period longer than a quarter of a year, as determined in your visa sticker. Contingent upon the long-stay visa you get, you might be allowed to work or concentrate in Spain.

What Are the Types of Long Stay Visas for Spain?

The most widely recognized Spain visa types for long-stay are as per the following:

Spain Student Visa. In the event that you need to go to an examination course that keeps going over a quarter of a year, you should apply for a Spain Student Visa.

Spain Work Visa. All passing people who wish to work in Spain must apply for this visa.

Spain Au Pair Visa. You can apply for this visa on the off chance that you will be working for a family in Spain, under specific conditions.

Spain Golden Visa. This is a residency by speculation program, through which you can move to Spain on the off chance that you put a specific sum in land.

Spain Entrepreneur Visa. This is a visa for business visionaries who wish to put resources into Spain.

Spain Working Holiday Visa. You can apply for this visa on the off chance that you need to go to Spain to do a mid year work.

Non-Lucrative Residence Visa. In the event that you wish to move in Spain and you have adequate pay to help yourself and your wards you may apply.

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