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15 Years and Still Re-Inventing the Wedding Experience

las vegas wedding

Every single day, my team of wedding coordinators and specialists are asked by prospective customers, current clients and new brides to be, what differentiates you from your competition. My canned response is that “experience” is by far the best teacher. There’s a theory in professional sports that you have to …

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Why Using a Professional Las Vegas Wedding Photographer is Essential

best las vegas wedding photography

Looking back on wedding photos is something that every married couple treasures throughout their lives. Reminiscing about all the beautiful details from your magical wedding day can be such a special tradition. Above all, you want to be sure that you’re making the right choice when it comes to your …

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How to Choose the Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Best Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

When choosing to get married in Las Vegas, many couples look for a charming Las Vegas wedding chapel for their ceremony, and for good reason. A traditional wedding chapel is one of the most time-honored and classic options for an indoor wedding, and Las Vegas is one of the most …

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Lakeside Weddings and Events Announces Wine Partnership with Vino Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Lakeside

Lakeside Weddings and Events, the premier wedding event venues in Las Vegas, located at Lakeside Event Center in Desert Shores/Summerlin, is excited to announce an important “Wine Events Partnership” with Vino Las Vegas and Managing Editors Scott and Elaine Harris. The Harris’, who have built the number one wine enthusiast following …

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5 Las Vegas Wedding Ideas for Planning the Perfect Ceremony

Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony at Chapel of the Flowers

If you have decided to get married in Vegas, but need a little guidance with all the details, no problem! We have put together this helpful article to get you started on your wedding journey. It provides five Las Vegas wedding ideas for planning your dream ceremony, complete with information …

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Choosing Your Updo: 7 Beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Hairstyles

Las Wegas Wedding Hairstyles

There are many aspects to planning the perfect wedding, but without a doubt, one of the most important elements to a bride can be to ensure that her hair looks stunning! With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the most popular Las Vegas wedding hairstyles, specifically, ceremony …

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Las Vegas Marriage License 101 – Everything You Need to Know

Las Wegas Wedding Info

Looking to get married in Las Vegas? It can be tricky to figure out exactly what you need in order to get a Las Vegas marriage license. At Lakeside Weddings & Events, we know all about the process of applying for a marriage license in Las Vegas. We’d love to …

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How Much Does a Las Vegas Wedding Cost?

Las Wegas Weddings

If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, you’ve probably asked yourself this question: what does the typical Las Vegas wedding cost? It can be overwhelming to try and crunch the numbers when planning a wedding, and it’s different for every location. This article will give you a basic idea of …

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